Puppet Clay For animation Making Perfect DIY projects

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Puppet Clay For animation Making Perfect DIY projects

Genius and perfect DIY video showing what a talented team can achieve with some basic material like Clay. 

Puppet Clay  animation DIY projects

You can create from a simple sketch a Diy puppet  and film it to make a stop-motion video 
For perfects movements like a human you need a special skeleton for animation or just an aluminum wires that you assemble but the result is not like a special DIY puppet skeleton for animation. After the building, you need some soft clay in a different color and a clean table to create as you sketch your characters. 

Add more material to your final DIY project

You can add clothes or any accessory it depends on your story. For the filming part, a suggestion to you to test different light configuration to have the perfect lightning like you do for photographing any object.light is perfect when you control shadow, contrast and brightness. for a beginning, you can use a tri-point light with 1 or 2  large softbox, and remember light is important it can up or down you great job  

Puppet Clay For animation Making Perfect DIY projects
Any DSLR can be used to make a stop-motion movie, you will need to setup your photos to have the perfect result 

Testing is the key to create a nice video 

You can replace the clay with color hot glue to make you puppet no one use this technique but it a great substitute to clay or silicone 

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